Tips On Choosing The Perfect Online Pokie

Tips On Choosing The Perfect Online Pokie

The majority of casino games are online pokies and there is literally hundreds of them so choosing the perfect one may not sound as easy as you think.

Pokies today look amazing and lately they take your gaming experience to a completely new level thanks to the first-rate games that will provide you hours and hours of fun.

Players who look only for fun have no problem finding the right pokie for them and they usually go straight for those with the best graphics or those with the most interesting theme. Trust us when we say that developers draw inspiration from everywhere they can so the theme that someone didn’t already turn into a pokie is virtually non-existent. Whatever you can think of has probably been turned into a pokie by now.

However, if you take your gambling career serious then finding the right pokie will be though. If you ask any experienced player most of them will tell you not to play pokies because the RTP rate is not satisfactory enough but that is not the entire truth.

The problem here is that different games have huge differences in RTP percentages and depending on the pokie it can vary from 80% to 97% and anyone who lost a lot of money to pokies will advise you not to play them. However, the RTP rate of 97% is quite high and if you think things through than you’ll realize that it is in the same range as some card and table games.

What To Look For In A Pokie

You must not base your choice solely on RTP rates because all of them are mainly theoretical and represent the expected win if you are to spin the reel to infinity. Still, it is a good starting point and the second step towards making a final decision should be volatility.

Volatility tells you how friendly a game is, which is the best way to find a pokie that suits your bankroll. Low volatility pokies give often but small and if your bankroll is small this is the pokiefor you. You will recognize them by the jackpots because their biggest jackpot doesn’t go over 5.000 coins. If you combine the info about high RTP and low volatility you will find your perfect pokie much easier.

High volatility pokies are the yin to the low volatility pokies’ yang. These don’t give as often but once they do, they give big. Majority of progressive pokies belong to high volatile group and they often have a somewhat lower RTP rate. These pokies are intended only for players who like to risk big and have bankrolls that can fuel this love towards risk.

Game Features

Even though potential wins and losses are important factor in choosing a pokie keep in mind the fact that all this is still just a game, otherwise it can seriously affect your game strategy. Always try out the game for free before you start playing for money because if it is boring it can devastate your bankroll.

Play for free but try to have the attitude as if you’re playing for the real money because that’s the only way you can see if you really like the game. Examine all the aspects of the game from bonus rounds to the riskinvolved. The choice is vast so make sure you make the right one.